About us

It's time to live a healthier life. That's what we're going for 100% with Tyranos.

Science, and nothing less

Science: that's our foundation. We don't go along with vague claims or fleeting hypes. That's why - right from the start with Daily Cartilage, our first supplement - we have been guided by scientific guidelines: (1) accurate preparation, (2) a powerful composition and (3) supported by studies.

We work closely with a Scientific Advisory Board in order to develop the most complete supplements possible.

It is also essential that all of our processes meet the highest industry standards. For this we have created our own quality label Tyrapure®.

No secrets.

Tyranos is an open, transparent healthcare company.

We go pretty far in that regard. We want to know everything - about everything: about our ingredients, about our partners, about our suppliers. And yes: also about you, our consumer. That way, we can make the best possible nutritional supplements.

And because we don't like secrets, we share all available information on our website. In this way, we help our customers to think independently about what they are putting into their bodies.

Our mission? We want to empower people to feel their best through pain and move pain-free.

Harmen Jans

Founder & triathlete

Harmens story

Tyranos is the brainchild of Harmen Jans.

"As a passionate pharmacist and triathlete, I was always curious about the workings of the human body and the accompanying physiological processes. During my studies, I specialized in drug development and became fascinated with food supplements and the various natural ingredients to strengthen our bodies."

"At the same time, I became frustrated with the gray area in which many companies operate: obscure ingredients, labeling confusion and little information for consumers. I couldn't find a reliable brand. So I decided to build my own brand."

"Radical transparency is key at Tyranos. With us, you know why we use certain ingredients, how we test and where they come from. We want to support and inspire our customers to live a better and stronger life. It's time to live a healthier life."