For medical professionals.

'Dietary supplements are nonsense'. We understand you. Therefore, from a scientific background, Tyranos products were developed based on three principles:

Supported by studies.

Tyranos was founded by a pharmacist who has seen plenty of bad nutritional supplements go over the counter.

We work closely with a Scientific Advisory Board to develop the most complete supplements possible.

Each of our products is the result of an extensive literature review. Read more about our products here:

Daily Cartilage for cartilage

Daily Tendon, for tendons and ligaments

Daily Biophen, the very first bioNSAID

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Accurate composition.

Many supplements flaunt active ingredients, only to use an order of magnitude too little of that ingredient.

This is not something we do. All of our products follow clinical research and research-proven amounts. Although this increases the price of our supplements, we are adamant about sticking to this.

Furthermore, with our ingredients, we also focus on natural additives that improve metabolism.

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There is no magic.

Any self-respecting physiotherapist or orthopedic surgeon understands that there are no magic drugs.

Every patient is different and will also need to use movement to maintain the rehabilitation process or general health.

We therefore also put a strong emphasis on exercise advice through our blog. This is the only way to keep cartilage, tendons, ligaments and joints in shape.

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Supplements for those that keep on moving.

Discover our products here. Ideal for a patient or athlete who wants to go further.

Tyranos Active

Tyranos Active


Tyranos Collagen

Tyranos Collagen


Tyranos Active Plus +

Tyranos Active Plus +


Tyranos Flex

Tyranos Flex


Tyranos Protect

Tyranos Protect


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Frequently asked questions

Our supplements can be prescribed through our convenient prescription booklets. Please leave your details via this link, we will be happy to send you some booklets.

Patients can order their supplements through our website.

You can! We are committed to transparency. On all packages we state the exact dosage of all ingredients. This is not always done by our competitors.

You can also find the dosages on our website.

You can also review our literature review, in which we cite numerous studies that substantiate our dosages.

Many market leaders do not follow these dosages, which often results in lack of powerful results.