For elite athletes.

Quality nutritional supplements for your tendons, ligaments and joints.

For elite athletes, by elite athletes. Find out here how Tyranos products help you become the best version of yourself.

The result of hard work.

Tyranos was founded by a pharmacist (and triathlete) who has seen plenty of bad nutritional supplements go over the counter.

We work closely with a Scientific Advisory Board to develop the most complete supplements possible.

We are 100% transparent and invite top athletes to understand how our products work:

Daily Cartilage for cartilage

Daily Tendon, for tendons and ligaments

Daily Biophen, the very first bioNSAID

Quality, Quantity.

Many supplements flaunt active ingredients, only to use an order of magnitude too little of that ingredient.

This is not something we do. All of our products follow clinical research and research-proven amounts. While this makes our supplements more expensive, we are adamant about sticking to this.

Furthermore, with our ingredients, we also focus on natural additives that improve metabolism.

Doping. Noping.

Your career depends on the quality of your resources. We understand that all too well. We therefore have our products rigorously tested for the presence of prohibited substances.

Tyranos is 100% doping free

Top sports, meet top products.

Challenging your body to achieve more often results in injury. To keep tendons, ligaments, cartilage and your joints in shape:

Tyranos Active

Tyranos Active


Tyranos Collagen

Tyranos Collagen


Tyranos Active Plus +

Tyranos Active Plus +


Tyranos Flex

Tyranos Flex


Tyranos Protect

Tyranos Protect


'We have to know how to eat right, train right, and take the right nutritional supplements.'

Top supplements, in other words. As a triathlete, I did some painstaking research on supplements. I couldn't find any that were sufficient for athletes. So I started Tyranos with the philosophy: only the best.

Harmen Jans

Pharmacist, triathlete, founder of Tyranos

Advice for your sports career?

Frequently asked questions

You can order the Tyranos supplements without a prescription on our website. You can always contact your doctor if the supplements are suitable for you.

The efficacy of supplements depends primarily on 1) the quality of the ingredients and 2) the dosage in which they are used.

At Tyranos, we use only the highest quality ingredients that have been tested in multiple clinical studies. The correct dosage is also of vital importance to us.

In our supplements, we only use ingredients that have been frequently tested in clinical studies around the world.

Transparency is also important to us. Therefore, you can find some of these studies among the ingredients we use.

Tyranos supplements are designed to support tendons, muscles, ligaments and cartilage in the joints.

Any sport that places stress on these structures will experience powerful results when supported by our supplements.