High quality ingredients, how do we do it?

We promise you that the ingredients in our supplements are of the highest quality - and in the best dosage available.

But what do we mean by this?
How do we ensure this high level of quality?
And what do we expect from our suppliers?

Time for a Q&A with Tyranos founder Harmen.

First, what is the minimum level of quality required for dietary supplements?

"Let's look at what is legally required within the dietary supplement industry. There is a set of guidelines, the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), that guarantees a minimum level of quality for all dietary supplements on the market. These regulations include identity, purity, potency and safety. Is the ingredient used the right one? Is it free of contamination? And is it safe to use, within regulations for microbial contamination and heavy metals?"

"The company is then given a quality code to confirm that the supplement meets these standard rules and the company is then allowed to market the supplement. In Belgium, such a quality code is called a NUT number and it must be clearly stated on the packaging."

"Many of the supplements that come on the market do not have a quality code on the packaging. This means that they do not even meet the minimum level of quality required by the governing bodies."

"All of Tyranos' manufacturing facilities comply with GMP requirements for dietary supplements. But those minimum requirements do not guarantee the best ingredients. That's why we developed Tyrapure®."

What is Tyrapure®?

"Tyrapure® is a set of requirements that we require of ourselves and our suppliers to ensure the best quality ingredients for our dietary supplements. This is in stark contrast to many other dietary supplement companies, where the focus is often on the cheapest ingredients. Before an ingredient or supplier meets the Tyrapure® standard, a number of conditions must be met."

"Whenever possible, we use vegan ingredients. Our ingredients are organically grown and we stay away from genetically modified plants. We also use our ingredients in their natural form so they can be optimally absorbed into the human body."

"In addition, we only work with 'transparent' ingredients. We want to know exactly where our ingredients are grown, harvested, mined, fermented, extracted and purified. Therefore, we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and ask them to provide us with information that guarantees this transparency."

"In addition, we only use ingredients in the same form and dosage as in the scientific studies that have proven the effects. This is not the norm in the industry. Many dietary supplement companies use only a fraction of the dose. So how do they guarantee the effects of their products?"

"Furthermore, we prefer branded ingredients. These are established formulations of high-quality ingredients with a proven track record. We know that the suppliers who provide these branding ingredients guarantee quality."

"Tyranos only uses raw materials that can meet very high quality standards. Each raw material component has its own specification. This applies not only to active ingredients, but also to fillers and packaging materials."

Are the ingredients tested after you select the suppliers?

"All our ingredients aretested several times for identity, purity and contamination. We also test the concentration of active ingredients in the plant parts we use. This is how we ensure the correct dosage of these active ingredients. These additional tests are not required under regular GMP practices."

"It is not always easy to find suppliers who meet the Tyrapure®-standard. It can sometimes take up to a year to find a supplier who can supply a particular ingredient at the high level of quality we expect. But that is the extra step we are willing to take to ensure the quality of our products!"

"Finally, we also have our final products tested by independent laboratories. That way we can be sure that they meet the Tyrapure®-standards. We do not release our products until all tests are complete and meet our requirements."

What can we as customers do to check the quality of a dietary supplement?

"You can quickly verify the basic quality of a dietary supplement. It is important to check three essential features on the packaging: (1) expiration date, (2) lot number and (3) distributor contact information. If any of these three are not present, you know there is something wrong with the supplement and it is best to change supplements."

"If you want to investigate further, look at the ingredient list and be careful of obscure and artificial ingredients such as E numbers, artificial colors and sweeteners."

"Also, look at the dosage of each active ingredient listed. If the dosage is not listed, it is not a good sign. It may mean that the company uses a very low dosage of the ingredient to keep production costs down. At Tyranos, we put a high dose of our active ingredients in our supplements - and we're proud to show that on the ingredient list."

What should we look for when researching an ingredient on the Internet?

"Be careful what you read on the Internet. Popular websites do not always provide the correct scientific information. A high-quality online search engine is PubMed, a source for medical and scientific literature. But know that even the best scientific articles and studies have flaws."

"It's not easy to find the right information. That's why we've done extensive research and summarized it for you on our website. For each product we use, you will find the ingredients, dosage, origin and important information about scientific studies. The information on our site isscientifically verified and objective. That's what our transparency policy is all about."

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are guidelines that guarantee a level of quality for all dietary supplements.

Tyrapure® is our own quality label. It includes much more stringent requirements, which we impose on ourselves and our suppliers. This way we guarantee ingredients of the best quality.

Tyranos only uses ingredients in the same form and dosage as used in the scientific studies that have proven the effects of those ingredients.

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