Collagen type II

the essential building block of cartilage

Native type II collagen is the structural core protein of cartilage and makes cartilage more resistant to tension and stiffness.


Barcelona, Spain


Native collagen type II from breastbone

Appears in

cartilage, bones and other tissues of animals and humans

Ingredient in

Daily Cartilage (40 mg)

  1. Cartilage function

    Helps your body to maintain cartilage function

  2. Healthy joints

    Your joints get the optimal support to keep performing under heavy loads.

  3. Flexible joints

    Supple cartilage makes for flexible joints, a must!

Our supplements with collagen type II

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Daily Cartilage

The complete supplement with 5 top ingredients to keep your cartilage healthy and flexible.

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Efficacy of type II collagen in knee osteoarthritis : a multicenter randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study

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Undenatured collagen type II for the treatment of osteoarthritis: a review

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Symptomatic and chondroprotective treatment with collagen derivatives in osteoarthritis: a systematic review

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