Enzymes with a curious effect.

Supports the comfort of the musculoskeletal system and muscle system at the cellular level.


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Ananasus Comosus natural extract

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Daily Biofen (1000 mg)

  1. influence on COX-2

    Bromelain reduces COX-2 activity

  2. Reduces markers of inflammation

    Bromelain reduces concentrations of IL-1β, IL-6 and TNF-α in the body.

  3. Maintenance of healthy muscle function

    Bromelain helps maintain healthy production of quinine and fibrin for healthy musculoskeletal function.

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Daily Biofen

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Properties and therapeutic application of bromelain: a review

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Bromelain as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis: a Review of Clinical Studies

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Improved WOMAC score following 16-week treatment with bromelain for knee osteoarthritis

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