What is the best way to keep your tendons strong?

A tendon is a solid white structure that connects a muscle to bone: the force and energy from the muscle is transferred to the bone through the tendon, allowing movement in a joint. Tendon injuries or inflammation of a tendon can be common, therefore it is important to keep your tendons strong. We give you 4 tips!

The right diet

A diet with enough protein and vitamin C is important to provide enough nutrients for your tendons. These raw materials play a role in the production of collagen. The production of collagen is important because tendons are largely made up of collagen .

Proteins can be found in fish, beans, chicken and eggs. For sufficient vitamin C you should eat fruits and vegetables.

Food supplements

Many important raw materials for your tendons can be found in your diet. Collagen is an exception here. It is better to take extra because collagen supplements ensure that the natural production of collagen runs better and your tendons become stronger.

Stretch enough

By stretching your tendons, you keep them at the right length so that they are less susceptible to overloading and can withstand more impact.


Isometric and plyometric exercises allow the tendons to return to their original status faster and reduce the risk of tearing under high stress. Exercises against resistance makes tendon fibers thicker and stronger.

There are several ways to keep your tendons strong to avoid injury or strain:

  • eat the right foods
  • take nutritional supplements
  • stretch your tendons
  • maintenance exercises
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