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Our mission is simple: to make people feel their best by allowing them to move freely and painlessly. Traditional supplements often contain too few active ingredients. That's why we made better ones, packed with the best ingredients.

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by science


No dyes or synthetic fillers

For daily use.

Tendons, ligaments, joints and tired muscles. Pamper them daily with our products.

Daily Cartilage

Daily Cartilage


Daily Biofen

Daily Biofen


Daily Tendon

Daily Tendon


Science, first.

At Tyranos, we don't follow hypes or trends. We much prefer to be guided by science. The result? The development of truly groundbreaking products, based on innovative and professional clinical research. And you reap the benefits.

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Best ingredients.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or want to achieve optimal physical performance: the support for your body must be top quality. Always. That's why we raise the bar and only work with "the best": the best manufacturers, the best ingredients and the best advisors.

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For cartilage problems.

Daily Cartilage nourishes and supports your joints and cartilage - rather than just hiding the pain. The nutrients keep your cartilage healthy, flexible and lubricated, while naturally reducing discomfort. Daily Cartilage is a very complete solution to cartilage problems.

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For tendon and ligament problems.

Our powerful, liquid collagen shots Daily Tendon provide maximum support for tendons and ligaments. They were developed by leading physicians and scientists to maintain intense performance and support recovery from injuries.

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The first bioNSAID®

Intensive sports, physical work, an accident: joints and muscles often have to put up with a lot. Daily Biophen ensures optimal functioning of muscles and joints. The combination of 6 unique ingredients and clinical studies make Daily Biophen the first registered bioNSAID supplement on the market.

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Your health comes first. No discussions.

When it comes to your health, we don't do a half-assed job. We don't want to and we can't afford to. That's why we go "all in.

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    Best Ingredients

    Pure, powerful and clinically proven. Our ingredients are carefully selected for quality so that our products work effectively. And you reap the benefits.

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    Powerful results

    You don't have to wonder, "Does this really work?" Our supplements are backed by science and designed for maximum results.

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    100% natural

    Everything you need, and nothing you don't. Our supplements are free of chemical coatings, fillers and synthetic binders.