All-in-one supplements: better than everything separately?

At Tyranos, we firmly believe in all-in-one supplements for several reasons: synergy, cofactors, inhibition effects and ease of use. Difficult words? Yes, they are. Let's take a closer look.

Synergie (a.k.a. ’1 + 1 = 5-effect’)

Example: Ingredient A has a completely different effect on the body than ingredient B. But do you combine A + B? Then you get a powerful cocktail that is even stronger than the sum of the individual ingredients.

In other words: 1 + 1 = 5. So synergy in dietary supplements refers to the combined effect of the individual ingredients.
That's how it works with our Daily supplements. We look for ingredients that reinforce each other - and work even better as a result. That's why all-in-one supplements tend to produce stronger effects and better results in the body.

The importance of cofactors

Another important benefit of all-in-one supplements: the cofactors. These are microscopic molecules that assist our body in metabolic reactions. By adding cofactors to supplements, other ingredients can work even better on the body.

Please note: using the right cofactors requires specialised scientific know-how. The knowledge of our scientists ensures optimal absorption and metabolism of various nutrients. Yet this happens far too little with many supplements.

Inhibition effects

In complex herbal extracts, inhibition may occur: ingredients that neutralise or compete with each other for absorption in the body. An example of this is boswellic acids, highly studied for their anti-inflammatory effects.

In the extracts used in supplements, there are up to 20 types of boswellic acid. One of these components is AKBA, the most powerful boswellic acid. The other boswellic acids, however, partially prevent AKBA from doing its work by first trying to bind to it in the body.

As a result AKBA does not get a chance to do its work and the positive effects are only partial.

In Daily Cartilage and Daily Biofen we use a specific extract of boswellic acids which contains a high concentration of AKBA (up to 30%). In this way there is no inhibition by other boswellic acids and we can guarantee powerful results.


To conclude, all-in-one supplements are also simply very convenient to use. Thanks to the optimal composition, you can be sure that all the necessary ingredients are present. So you don't have to worry about combining supplements or comparing doses.

Moreover, you only need to buy one supplement instead of many different jars. Easy, right?

All-in-one supplements are more beneficial for several reasons: synergy, co-factors and inhibition effects.

Ease of use is also a deciding factor: you only need to buy one supplement and still get all the necessary ingredients.

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