The science behind Daily Tendon

Daily Tendon is a nutritional supplement to promote recovery after tendon and ligament injuries, and consists of collagen and vitamin C.

The structure and function of tendons and ligaments depend on its collagen-rich extracellular matrix. The function of this matrix is ​​determined by the amount and crosslinking of collagen. It is the main structural protein and provides the rigidity in these structures. Under normal physiological conditions, there is little collagen turnover in our tendons or ligaments. However, this changes at times of sport effort and training or during injury when an increased metabolism and collaga turnover is observed, which is also necessary for the strengthening and repair process of the tendon or ligament. It has been proven that the intake of collagen and vitamine C the collagen synthesis at that moment going to increase.

What is the mechanism of action?

Collagen hydrolyzate is hydrolyzed gelatin, which is obtained by an enzymatic process by splitting gelatin into collagen peptides, whereby these become more easily soluble and can therefore be taken more easily. Especially the amino acids proline, hydroxy-proline and glycine are important, and these are supplied via the collagen hydrolyzate in Daily Tendon.

Vitamin C is an additional essential element in this process, because vitamin C is a cofactor in the synthesis of collagen and promotes the differentiation and stimulation of the connective tissue cells (fibroblasts and tenocytes) (Van Robertson et al, 1953; Harris et al, 1991). Also, vitamine C will promote the collagen crosslinking by the collagen crosslinking enzymes lysyl oxidase, prolyl and lysyl hydroxylase (Murad et al, 1980; Levene et al, 1972).

At what dose does an effect occur?

The effect is optimal with an intake of 10-15 grams of collagen in combination with 50mg of vitamin C. In addition, it has been shown that when the intake takes place 45-60 minutes before exercise or exercise, the collagen synthesis increases by a factor of 2 and the number of crosslinks in the collagen network of the injured tendons or promotes ligaments (Shaw et al, 2017).

Moreover, the effort or strain does not have to be prolonged; a load of 10-15 minutes is already sufficient for the positive effect.

Recent research has shown that the extra intake of collaga through the diet indeed has a beneficial effect on the collagensynthesis in tendon and ligament tissue (Liu et al, 2018; Shaw et al, 2017; Maughan et al, 2018) .

Several clinical studies have since demonstrated the effect of collagen hydrolyzate in ligament injuries, with both improvement of subjective joint stability and a reduced risk of new ligament injuries after 3-6 months of treatment ( McAlindon, 2011; Clark, 2008).

Study in ankle ligament injuries showed a reduction in the number of new injuries from 40% to 8% when the exercise therapy was combined with the intake of collagen hydrolyzate, and in addition ankle stability improved in 84% of the cases with collagen hydrolyzate compared to only in 20% when only a strengthening program with stabilization exercises without collagen hydrolyzate was applied

Recent research in Achilles tendon injuries showed similar findings. In the patients who combined the Achilles tendon exercise therapy with collagen hydrolyzate for 6 months, the pin scores improved significantly higher than in the group that performed the same exercise therapy without collagen hydrolyzate (VISA-A score increase of 12.6 versus 5.3). Moreover, after 3 months, twice as many athletes were already running again in the group with collagen hydrolyzate compared to the group that had not taken collagen hydrolyzate (Praet et al, 2018).

Collagen and Vitamin C are essential for collagen turnover and crosslinking and thereby provide the strength of ligaments and tendons. The additional intake of collagen and vitamin C has been proven to have a beneficial effect on collagen synthesis in tendon and ligament tissue.
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